Vornado 783 is advertised as a powerful fan that is designed to circulate air. But the truth about it is that it works more than just an ordinary fan. It operates powerfully by flowing air all through the room with the use of Vortex technology by Vornado

When it comes to getting your room or offices ventilated, you can always rely on the Vornado 783 to get the work done effectively. The components the fan is made off makes it outshine some of the expensive, high-quality fans you will ever find in the market.

Unlike with an average fan that you have to position it to the exact place where you need a cool breeze, the Vornado 783 work differently in such that it is designed in a way to distribute fresh air to the area evenly it’s been used.

Vornado 783 comes with four different styles such as the 623, 693, 723, and this specific one which is 783 has the largest stand. You can choose to opt for any of the four styles available on Amazon depending on your preference.

Without much ado, we’ll like to go straight to the review of the fan and share with you all that we think you need to know about Vornado 783.


To answer this question, let’s take a rundown on the craftsmanship of the table fan.


Vornado 783 construction is an epitome of perfection if you have to choose comfort over any other thing. The materials used in the development of the fan are of high quality to meet with the expectation of every user.

The difference between Vornado 783 and other fans is the Vornado effect. The materials used have a quality impact on the overall functionality of the fan. The fan is designed with air intensity spiral grill which helps to create a spiral effect that allows the movement of air all through the room.

Also, the fan has an enclosed air duct, and its work is to conceal the deep pitch blades, and it as well helps the fan work effectively in hot and cold zones. It as well comes with high quality deep heavily contoured pitch blades that are very versatile and effective in driving adequate air with each turn of Vornado’s high power motor.

To increase the airflow, the fan incorporates Inlet air accelerator which directs air to the most efficient parts of the blade to boost airflow. The construction of the fan includes the adjustable height of 28 inches or 40 inches with tilt head to help you move the fan to any direction. Lastly, on the design of the fan, it comes with black color, it is resistant to shock and has three-speed settings with a removable grill for easy cleaning.


If you have Vornado 783, be assured you have a fan that can circulate fresh air to about 100 feet without glitches. It is built to last long with quality materials in used which warrants its five years user guarantee from Vornado.

The fan is capable of ensuring that everyone is consistently comfortable no matter where they sit. The blade is powerful enough to drive fresh air all through the room where the fan is being used. The operation of the fan is very quiet, and you have no worries about noise when using it.

Vornado 783 fan is ideal for all kind of environment. You can use it indoor or outdoor for different activities. The fan comes with head tilt features which means you can choose to direct the fan to wherever you want.


  • The pure craftsmanship of the fan makes it quite easier to control for anyone
  • Every part of the fan is resistant to shock, and some parts can be removed easily for cleaning such as the grill
  • The blades of the fan are robust, durable and efficient at driving maximum air to any room
  • The fan comes with an adjustable stand in which you can bring it to the level that suit you
  • The airflow from the fan is high-speed, fresh and constant to create a cooling experience unlike any other
  • The fan has 3-speed settings and removable grill for easy cleaning
  • It is one of the quiet fans you will love to have especially for those who like to sleep without noise


  • It can only be powered by electricity
  • It is not an ideal fan for those in search for a mounting fan



  • The fan, power port, power cord, and plug cannot come into contact with water.
  • Do not use this product on wet surfaces.
  • Do not use this product in a bathtub or shower or position product where it may come in contact with water.
  • Never should you run the cord under your carpet.
  • Do not cover cord with throw rugs
  • Do not route under furniture or appliances
  • Place the cable away from traffic area and where it will not be tripped over
  • Place this fan away from curtains, draperies, tablecloths, and other fabrics, since they may be drawn into the fan, damage the motor and cause a fire


Grill Removal

  • Depress one of the grill clips by placing your thumb against the outside surface of the clip and pressing down towards the motor, applying slight pressure forward. Usually, by releasing one clip, the grill can be removed. If the grill cannot be removed, repeat the process on remaining clips.
  • Replace by lining up the clips with the holes and firmly snapping the grill back into place.

Blade Removal

  • Pull the blade straight out from the shaft.
  • Wipe the Blade with a damp cloth. If your circulator is used in a greasy environment, such as a kitchen, mild soap or a standard household cleaner may be necessary. Do not use solvents. Do not place the blade in the dishwasher. The excessive heat can distort the plastic.
  • To reattach – be confident the flat side of the shaft aligns directly with the corresponding flat side on the blade’s socket. Push the blade all the way on the shaft until it bottoms out. Do not use a hammer as this could result in bearing damage.


  • Using the product controls, turn off the appliance.
  • Grasp the plug and not the cord while disconnecting from the outlet.
  • Replace fuse only with 2.5 Amp, 125 Volt fuse as approved by Vornado Consumer Service. For an authorized replacement fuse, please contact Vornado Consumer Service.
  • Once the replacement is received, use a small flat-head screwdriver to slide opens the fuse cover
  • Remove fuse by using the screwdriver to lift each end of the fuse gently
  • Install the replacement fuse by using the screwdriver to gently push each metal end of the fuse into the receptacle one at a time. Do not push on the center of the fuse—it is fragile and may break.
  • Slide the fuse cover closed using the screwdriver. When closed, the cover should fit entirely in the plug. No part of the cover should stick out
  • Plug your fan into the outlet and turn the power on.
  • If the replacement fuse blows, a short-circuit may be present, and the product should be discarded or returned to an authorized service facility for examination and repair.


If you ever find yourself confused on the type of fan you should buy, the VORNADO 783 should be considered for every reason. It is portable, lightweight with great performance level. It doesn’t make noise with its three speed settings; it circulates air evenly to wherever it is being used.

It boasts of a quite operation and the high quality contoured blades can effectively get quality airflow into the room in seconds. I make the whole atmosphere pleasing and appealing to stay. Why not give it a trial? The first might convince you.






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