If you need to know more about the ROWENTA VU2660 table fan, you are just at the right place. It is otherwise called Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Silence Extreme Electronic Table Fan with Remote control known to be one of the powerful, best desk fans by Rowenta.


Proper home ventilation is one of the ways to live healthily. You need the atmosphere to be conducive and pleasing to stay with fresh air moving around. The best means to achieving that is through the use of adequate, quality fan.

Apart from the craftsmanship of the ROWENTA VU2660, the features and its mode of operation pushes us to consider reviewing the fan and we never regret doing so. We aren’t going to put you in the dark about the fan.

However, we will share with you all that you need to know about the desk or table fan. But first, you need to understand that the philosophy behind the construction of the fan is to create a solution to the ventilation issue in homes and offices.

The fan is a combination of elegance and performance with the aim to make life better, more efficient and more beautiful.



To answer this question, let’s take a rundown on the craftsmanship of the table fan.


ROWENTA VU2660 is designed in such a way that you can’t resist. It comes with a black and metallic silver finish. The design and appearance of the fan are sleek and means it meets with the standard of modern fans as well with the help of the quality features.

The fan comes with 12 inches diameter head along with five quality blades. The blades are strong, durable and lightweight, capable of driving adequate air to wherever it is needed. Also, it boasts of five-speed settings which include the turbo boost for extra performance.

Furthermore, the compact remote control system makes it easier to control for anyone holding the device. You can choose to control the fan without having to move closer to it. And while you are through with using the remote, the fan has a sleek remote control onboard storage to keep the remote safe.


One of the things you ought to look out for when buying a desk fan is the mode of operation and sound level when in use. However, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to ROWENTA VU2660. It doesn’t make a noise which means It is very quiet.

When I mean, it is quite, trusts me it is. You can barely hear a sound from it with all you get to feel the breeze that oozes out from it. We’ve seen and experienced some fan run quietly on slow mode and give annoying sound while on fast mode.

That isn’t the case with the ROWENTA VU2660. It gives a quiet sound while on slow and turbo speed. One of the good things about the ROWENTA VU2660 is that it comes with a silent night mode for soundless operation for those who have babies that love to sleep without noise interference.

The fan is super effective at distributing fresh air to wherever it’s been used. It delivers exceptional quality air up to about 1695 cubic ft per minutes.


  • It is instrumental and reliable at delivering exceptionally strong airflow
  • It comes with five different speed setting
  • It works silently with high-quality performance
  • It has an ergonomic handle which makes it easier to transport the fan from one place to another


  • It doesn’t come assembled so you have to get a professional to help you out with that or you can go through the manual guide to do that.
  • It should not be used near kids because the ring covering the blade can accommodate the fingers of little children
  • It comes with plastic materials which might be a turn off for you
  • It gives a blue light which is an indicator to show it is working, but it can be annoying at night for those who can’t sleep with the light on.



  • To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not operate the fan with any solid-state speed control device.
  • It is advisable that you should never use the fan in a dusty room or a room where there is a risk of fire.
  • Make sure the fan is installed correctly as improper installation may result in the risk electric shock or personal injury
  • Remove the power cord from the power outlet when the fan is not in use. And also do that before you ever try to clean, service or touch the fan
  • While installing the fan, ensure you keep the cord away from areas with traffic so that anyone will not trip over including the fan.
  • If you notice the cord or plug of the fan is not in good condition, ensure you don’t operate the fan and get it to an authorized service company to get it done
  • Do not insert any objects into the appliance such as metals and so on.
  • When cleaning the fan, do not use chemicals, gasoline, and some solvents.
  • Lastly, never try to repair or fix the fan yourself



  • Ensure you have the fan 20 inches away from other household materials such as curtains, walls, etc.
  • Run a general check on every part of the fan before using it.
  • Keep the fan away from water
  • Never have you touched the appliance with wet hands.
  • The fan must not be used in a damp room.
  • The rubber feet on this product may interact with wood and cause damage to furniture. Do not place on fine wood furniture

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Is it the right fan for you?

If you are looking for a quality fan with quiet operation and topnotch performance, then I suggest you consider buying ROWENTA VU2660. It is ideal for offices and homes. If you choose to go for this fan, we will love to hear your experience with it through our comment box below.

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