For the sake of those in the search for an answer to their question on what is ventilation? We’ve got you covered and here is all that you need to know good ventilation. Just sit back and read every bit of the information in this article without missing out any vital point.

good ventilation


Ventilation is the state or the measure set in place to bring in fresh air into a room or building thereby removing the stale air. How exactly will you know that an office or building needs ventilation? When you see traces of condensation, mold, excel heat, damp and foul smell, they are clear signs that ventilation is required.

Ventilation can occur in a different form such as through natural means or mechanical means. The natural methods are through the availability of windows and door which allow the influx of air into the room. The mechanical means is through the use of window fan, ceiling fan, attic fan to mention a few.

One of the things people don’t understand about ventilation is that it doesn’t just help to boost one’s health alone but has a significant impact of the longevity of your building or home.  If not addressed on time, poor ventilation can lead to a whole host of problems to your building or home.


You can’t underestimate the importance of good ventilation to one’s overall well-being. We all need good ventilation to survive. Unfortunately, our atmospheric air is polluted and detrimental to human’s health. We don’t have control over the environmental air, but we still can control the ones we have inside our house.

The bottom line is that there are benefits of good ventilation which you need to know such as:


Since you don’t have much control over the air you have outside of your home, you have a role to play to ensure your home is filled with good ventilation. Good ventilation involves the use of air purifier, fan and significant numbers of windows.

It helps to get rid of pollution and reduce the chances of bacteria and virus invasion into your home. It is why you need to keep your home well ventilated.


Bad atmospheric air in the house can lead to significant numbers of health problem such as allergies, asthma, rashes, and fever to mention a few. All of this can be avoided by having good ventilation in place.

Bad atmospheric air contains some microorganism that can’t be seen with the eyes, and they dare to break down the cells in the body and cause sickness.


Have you ever find yourself in a room that is stuffy all because it lacks proper ventilation. Once the number of people increases in such a place, it will get quite difficult to stay because of the heat. It is why you need to get your room ventilated and consider that when building or buying a house.


Nothing can be compared with having fresh air in your room. It gives your room a pleasant smell, and it will always be a place you will care to retire. Having good ventilation will help to improve one’s productivity anytime.

It allows you to think very well because the brain needs quality air to perform optimally. It is why you need to have proper ventilation in place.



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  • November 8, 2018
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